if you could feel like your parents understand you…

As part of my clinicals this semester, I’m co-leading a group Filial class.

Filial is not the upmost in helpful terminology, so we’ve gotten the gist and started calling it “Child-Parent Relationship Therapy.” (ahem. CPR therapy. Ahem!)

Which is still a bit confusing.

Bay-sick-ally, I’ll be co-leading a group, under PhD, LPC-Supervisor supervision, where we teach parents how to conduct play therapy with their own littles, at home, which just-so-happens to be one of  the most effective forms of therapy possible for kids in homes where parents are able to conduct the sessions as prescribed .*

relating to little cubs can be tough. via the google.

relating to little cubs can be tough. via the google.

My specialty field is Play Therapy, (here’s a video that helps explain what play therapy is) which means that I have spent years of study, research, and practice on this very specific, theory-based mode of therapy and feel passionate and confident in it.

All of which I say because 1) I get a little persnickety over the negative or improperly informed notions of something I hold dear. And more importantly

2) I know that parenting is hard, and I’ve never even done it. But probably, no one ever taught you how to relate to your kid. And maybe, you’d really like to. Well, my honest and informed opinion is that CPRT techniques are helpful in helping you understand and helping them feel understood.


Can you imagine that?


What it’s like to feel like your parents understand you? 


So I want to take a moment to extend this information. If you know someone who is interested in this training, I’d be honored if you could share.  Here are some details:

  • Various meeting times and locations, a few groups conducting the class this semester.
  • 10-week course with mandatory attendance each week, as the training builds on itself. Meetings will begin in the beginning of February.
  • Each meeting will be 90 min-2 hours.
  • No fee. (That’s ten sessions with two counselors for zero dollars, for the record)
  • Available to single parents or couples, ideally with children under age (or developmental level equivalent to age) 10.
Our guiding text. Y'all...so good. Just....so good.

Our guiding text. Y’all…so good. Just….so good.

If you’d like more information, please contact me via email at ritzvalle{at}gmail{dot}com .

(So says the big boy meta-analytic research conducted over the past 20+ years, compiled, and published in many peer-reviewed resources. If you’d like to read it, I’ve got copies of two such studies in textbook (the last chapter of Gary Landreth’s Play Therapy text) and article (Bratton et al’s The Efficacy of Play Therapy With Children: A Meta-Analytic Review of Treatment Outcomes) form.*


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