feeling like a total jackwad

you know, sometimes my post titles are references to poems or songs or something later stated. but this post title is more to-the-point.


cause right now, i’m feeling like a total jackwad.



i’ve been a jerk this week. i’ve felt overwhelmed and unhappy and haven’t been able to get back to that point where I can put things in perspective, where i can breathe deep and calm down.


ive just been annoyed. just, like, as an attitude. an outlook.


i’ve been pissy. and for those who would ask: no, this is not a hormonal issue. Rude. SEE NOW IM PISSY ABOUT YOU INSINUATING ABOUT WHY IM PISSY, WHICH SINCE I AM WRITING THIS BLOG, YOU DID NOT EVEN DO YET.


1) i need Jesus

2) Jesus doesn’t ever love me any more or less based on my behaviors or attitudes

3) remembering those things makes it easier to not be pissy

4) but i sure am having a hard time not being hard on myself for how much i mess up. :(


return to step one…..

One thought on “feeling like a total jackwad

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