#7in7 Day 2

Today is paaaacked day. Which is making today’s post really rushed. Well, what else is new?



At least #7in7  makes me post SOMEthing, rather than the grasshoppers that usually inhabit this place while I’m busy.


wait, no, those are crickets. cicadas? whatever, the noisy things.


Since I only have a little time, I decided to write about something on which I have loooooots of little thoughts:


(Although no, i will not be explaining the nickname today. sorry folks. it’s not a juicy story, no need to feel concerned.)


David and I have been dating since July. I know I post pictures of him/us everywhere, but I try not to talk much in specifics about our relationship. That’s partly because I’m still smacking my head over posts I’ve written concerning past romances, partly because I hold him really close to my heart, and am not overly indulgent when it comes to people inserting their opinions into my life in this area. (It happened like twice when we first started dating and I hold grudges  because I’m a sinner. Get over it. That’s a holy tactic, right? OH YEAH HAPPY LENT!)


So what to say about le novio de homes?


He’s amazing.


Before we started dating, I didn’t even like him as a person. I didn’t dislike him, but i was thoroughly unimpressed. Bad intel, gets you every time. Did the Bush administration teach me nothing? Don’t answer that. Or think to much about it. I’m being funny, not political. Hopping right along….


I called him a chump. Then The Chump. Literally didn’t even refer to him by his name because there are too many David’s and if one of them is chumpy it’s easier to start assigning monikers sans second guessing your informants. Note: I said easier, not right. 

Then one day he came over for a massage. Now, slow your roll, it’s not like it sounds. (Also, what does “slow your roll” mean? Am I using it correctly? Am I saying something awful like that one time I said I was down with OPP and Tryphena, a girl in high school, had to VEHEMENTLY inform me that no, i was not?) I was in massage school and needed to get my homework done. Since there was a total of one man in my 18 person class, I also needed more experience massaging males before I had to handle the public (cause…awkward, y’all!).  Even though I thought he was a chump, I knew he was safe and had free time, so I asked if he could help me finish my homework. I was pretty surprised when he said yes, he’d be over soon, and he’d join me going swimming after. (I think he took this to mean i was interested. I was just being pretty par-for-the-course me and that’s a friendly gal. Even to chumps.) While Iwas massaging him I felt this strange affection I’d never experienced, and couldn’t place, and thought “Mercy, it’s so good I can practice on people I know. I’ve got to get it under control if I start just caring about all my male clients like this.” It wasn’t attraction, it was pure and beautiful and sweet, but still, I didn’t know the chump, so I didn’t understand what was going on. As it turns out, he’s the only one that’s ever happened with, and it’s because I was feeling the affection HE was feeling for me. Good ole empathy. Confusing girls the world over.


But then things got even stranger, because after his massage, David did the oddest thing: he looked me in the eyes.


Really looked at me. And let me see him. And in the 7 months I’d known him, I’d never not ever seen him really look a person in the eyes (turns out he was going through his own stuff).


And in that instant I knew I’d been horribly, terribly, no-good-very-bad wrong about this man. He was not a chump. I could see he was kind, and thoughtful, and even fun. And I thought, “Oh…well…Now I kinda want to know this giant creature in front of me.”


And then at the pool, he let me know him. He answered my questions (he’d always been a deflector before. Like I said, his own stuff going on.) and kept looking me in the eyes and text-ed funny, non-committal, just-so-happen-to-be-having a conversation things to me all that evening and the next day (as we’d not exactly finished the q&a’s of the previous). I don’t have conversations like that with anyone, much less guys I’m not dating (justcause i’m busy, yo. and cause i like boundaries. i’ve accidentally-dated TOO MANY DUDES. and maybe a female friend once.) but since I didn’t know him, I figured I wouldn’t being it up and the convo would fizzle out naturally.



Until the third day, when he was talking about monopoly, and I thought: Okay. now he’s clearly just talking to talk. And one of the only things I did know for sure about him was that he was intentional. So…he’s definitely thinking about the fact that he’s talking to me this much. Completely without consulting anyone, I bite the bullet and the conversation went like this:

d: its like monopoly.

me: i don’t play monopoly.

d: well yeah, me either.

me: (waht?) yeah. so. when are we going to see eachother again? (this was when i was like, poop or get off the pot)




exactly. Nothing. nothing for three hours. i really thought id set him up for success with that one. Want to be just friends, say “i’ll let you know the next time there’s a group thing” (he’d already invited me out the day-after-massage to play a game with friends). Want to date, or something down that road? Here’s an easy in. but no. i got radio silence. Until i was downtown that night.

d: that depends on if you only plan on seeing me when there is a full moon.

me: i don’t know what that means. are you a werewolf?

d: last week was a full moon.

me: oh. well. I was having fun chatting with you which i don’t normally do, and i thought you were having fun to and figured we’d end up spending more time together. I was expediting the process but it’s okay if that’s not what’s going on. (sista is forthright. bushes need hacking down, not beating around. #notanintentionalreferencetoanythingbutaplant, folks.)

d: oh. no. i’d like that.



He came and picked me up from downtown, we fell in love that night while dancing on a light installation, and have been together ever since.


So that’s my #7in7 part 2 about how 7 months after I met a man, i fell in love with him, on the 7th of July. Told 7 months and almost 7 days later. (that’s what tomorrow, Valentine’s Day, will be. Dawwwww).

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