#7in7 Day 5: Why Day 4 Didn’t Happen

This week has punched me in the gut.

More has happened than I can even recall, much less chronicle. I’m typing this post on my phone as I sit at a wedding venue, listening to amazing music as we prepare for the ceremony.

But that’s the thing about #7in7. You don’t write ahead if time. You produce in the middle of the madness and you bear you soul, or heart, or mind, or whatever part from which you create. Then you give it away. You let the world have what you made. Without editing, sitting on it, without approval and, for many cases, WITH a lot of reservations. Cause thems the rules, yall.

I don’t want to write just now. I don’t want to talk. I don’t want to think. Yesterday’s events, ranging from soul-nourishing peace to heart-pounding excitement, to, finally, the above-mentioned gut-wrenching emotional brutalilty, kept me from my 11th hour posting plans. It simply wasn’t possible to rally a post in all the life there was to live….

I wouldn’t say any if this, my current m.o. being to swallow-till-I’m-sure-i-want-to-say, bit that’s part of the #7in7 policy, also, the saying-what-you-possess rather than that which you desire to give.

Sometimes, I need to be forced into the place where I say it now. No matter how batty. No matter how ugly. I need the truth out in the light to be seen, understood. And sometimes I just need it out so I’m not holding it in any more.

I’m bot sure if this OS either, or both. So ill cast a sideways glance and sardonic smile, blaming the mood on the method of writing  challenges, and wonder more later.



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