#7in7 day 7 : Personal Ad

Quirky, light-brown, nerdy-girl seeks roommate to share life, meals, and bills in her sweet little duplex in the hood. Applicants must not suck at life although having a lot of human moments is understood and expected. Repentant jackwads welcome. You get your own room, share 1 1/2 bathrooms plus the rest of the cutie-cute duplex which includes:

  • back yard with porch/deck and tireswing
  • COLORSCOLORSCOLORSallthecolors on the walls/whimsical decor
  • washer/dryer and fully furnished (but you gots some stuff? we can make room!)
  • plus what-the-heck ever else you could probably want (seriously, it’s fun here)

And if life in the “hood” isn’t adventurous enough, let’s sweeten the deal with ME! (that one was awkward. even for this girl.) Some perks of living with Maritza Amanda Valle include

  • free counseling just a bedroom door away
  • dance parties. always.
  • not always having to do even your share of the chores

but seriously, folks, in many ways I’m a very good roommate. I keep the place pretty tidy and I’m handy, fixing and hanging and mounting and building things for the ease and comfort of the home. I’m not home much, but when I am I’m good company. My boyfriend is over sometimes but he’s sweet and kind and helpful and funny, too (but not always in a way that he means to be).

i dont know what this is advertising but i'm mostly positive it's not the same thing i am. the google was slim pickins today

i dont know what this is advertising but i’m mostly positive it’s not the same thing i am. the google was slim pickins today


But seriously, seriously. I need a roommate in the next month or else I have to move which is an even worse fate because where on earth am I going to move in the middle of march? (and because i really love living here).



:::Immagoonheadan be honest here: I was going for a certain feel with this post, but I’ve never read a “personal ad.” I don’t think I’d find it remarkably entertaining because my personality is such that I’d think, “Oh, this person wants love and attention,” or “It sounds like this person is really searching,” or “Holy moly someone track this person down because FOR SURE they are having a psychotic break and are a danger to those around them.”

Yeah, I know. buzzkill. I promise I laugh a LOT, just not always at what others do.

but i DID just LOL when one of my little baby chickies (who are near to adolescence and looking every awkward bit of it) just hit her head on the post of a barstool, because my empathy only goes so far. :::


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