Hyperboles and Superlatives and Love

I don’t have any delusion that decades from now some unknowing interwebber will come upon my words, but should one do such a thing, I know that he/she/ze would likely have a difficult time understanding my meaning. Because we all seem to talk in the lurves and memes and srcsms of #allthethings, don’t we?



So it is that when David does something wonderful, I want to share it. And I think about posting how ERMARGERD, he’s THE best.boyfriend.ever.

Because if it’s not said in hyperbole and superlative and posted on facebook, the howpossiblyCAN it be real? Right?


no. not right.


So I am taking a slight break in the series to talk about something completely different, cause

it’s my blogg-(y)

and I’ll post what I want to

post what i want to

poooooo-oooost what i want to

and you would to

if the blog be-longed to-o you.

(you can read that to the tune of “it’s my party” or you can just take the moment to solidify that I will not make sense to you. whichev. up to you, really).


I want to talk about how David’s love is a sweet, beautiful thing, and not say

“my boyfriend is better than yours,” (even if, as a person who spends a lot of time with people, i objectively think he might be) or

“David’s perfect,” (cause….he’s just not)


But instead to say: I really, more than I knew I could, love David. And he is so good at loving me that it consistently causes me, and other’s who hear/see it to pause, and say, simply, “Wow.”

Yeah. Wow indeed.


My relationship with this man teaches me about and points me to Jesus every day. That’s the neatly-wrapped thing you’re supposed to say when you love someone and you love Jesus, but it’s also true. It’s true that in this particular human being, I have a best friend (womp womp, so cheesy I can’t stand it) who just-so-happens to tell me I’m beautiful, and mean it, every time he talks to me. Not just when he sees me, because as he says, “You’re beauty isn’t about what you look like.”

Through David, I get reminders of how God sees me, delights in me, loves me, pursues me, forgives me, and desires my presence near his. Through dating David, I get to see just how crazy I can be, and start to change some of those mal-adaptive qualities. Through dating David, I get to have a person. MY person. The one I never dared dream exists, even though Brad Self TOLD me.


Which…i hesitate to say sometimes.


Years ago, when I was dating someone else, a trusted friend advised me to keep a tighter lid on blogging about it. “Just, don’t write anything you wouldn’t want his wife reading, someday, if that’s not you.” That man’s wife will NOT be me and I’ve thought about that for years. About things I posted, said, did, about how I gave anyone with access to the internet access to a LOT of our relationship. And how, if I had it to do over again, I think I’d do it differently.


But here’s the thing, if David’s wife someday is NOT me, she’ll know the same thing I know: that he loves from a pure and beautiful heart. From the heart of a servant. As though the man was made with the very purpose of being a lover in the most literal sense. For now, his love is mine to know and cherish and, clearly, exploit for the purpose of amazing pictures.  looky here:


all images are by the amazing and talented Caryn Werner at http://carynnoel.com/wordpress/

IMG_0891 IMG_0912 IMG_0914 IMG_0967 IMG_0990 IMG_1040 IMG_1075


all images from the amazing and talented caryn at http://carynnoel.com/wordpress/



And the greatness of loving and being loved by him is not in comparison to others or based in a feigned or over-stated perfection, it is wrapped up in what we all have but do not always see: the perfection of God’s plan for us.


And boy-howdy, am I grateful that God’s best for me includes this man.


also here’s an amazing version of a catchy song by a very talented couple of musicians. (that’s neither hyperbole nor superlative.) it has NOTHING to do with this post. it’s the antithesis of this post. but i thought it was pretty so, as gamma would say, “der-ya-dough”


2 thoughts on “Hyperboles and Superlatives and Love

  1. OMG! I love this post for two reasons! I’m so happy you have someone who sees all the wonderful qualities you have and who lets you be you, in the best way! Cause lets just clear things up- you’re pretty awesome! :) AANNDDD… I love the photos! Super fun an you guys look great; you especially look Fantastic!!!!
    -with love!
    — T :)

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