30 Before 30

1) Go to a UT football game.

2) Earn my MA in Professional Counseling

3) Earn my full LPC license. (This means getting all 2600 remaining hours post-school in 21 months.)

4)Become a fully licensed MT.

5) Do a headstand.

6) Do a handstand.

7) Skydive.

8) Write a novel.

9) Write a memoir.

10) Dance a half marathon.

11) Develop a financial plan for paying off school.

12) Live according to a budget. Like a real, numbers-on-paper one.

13) Have a garden for as much of the produce I usually eat as possible.

14) Develop a compost heap to reduce waste and promote soil health at home.

15) Go organic for all the meaningful produce I’m not growing.

16) Eat only free-range or ethically treated meat.

17) Purchase only ethically responsible goods.

18) See a professional ballet performance.

19) See a professional symphony performance.

20) Record tracks of original songs with my father in Tennessee.

21) Raise and keep chickens to support my egg consumption habit.

22) Develop and keep a meal-planning system.











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