I try, whenever possible, not to use legal names. I use nicknames (often those that I use in real life).  I used to use initials, but there are more than 26 people in my life.


I like the cast of my life even better than the cast of Firefly. Which is a lot.



This has several benefits. First, it’s fun.  I could tell you about Shannon, or I could tell you about The Social Worker. Javier could be over for dinner, but it’s sweeter (and more descriptive) to tell you about my Quierdo.

I have only one biological sibling and two parents. Spencer (The Bubs), Mama,&  my daddy. I often call God Daddy as well.

There are many in my life who act as the spiritual family God has blessed me with. I throw the words brother and sister around in reference to that.

Another benefit is that my goal in blogging is not to list a series of events, but to give you ideas to ponder. For this, Hoyt and Q suffice better than birth names.  ;)


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