Temporal Displacement

Not to be confused with Temporal Dysplsia, which I assume would be far more painful.

Temporal Displacement is my oh-so-ridiculous and self-reflexive way of explaining that I am not usually an “In-the-moment” blogger.  Here’s what usually happens:

I get a big ole tumbler full of coffee,

I sit down with a head full of thoughts I’ve been chewing on for a while, and

I write a slew of blogs. Could be three. Could be ten.

Then I sit down with a calendar and try (often unsuccessfully) to make sure they post (go online for you to see them) at appropriate times.

So this means that at the beginning of any given month, you could be reading what happened at the end of the previous one. Or the beginning. Any more than that and I’ll USUALLY give you a heads up, something to the tune of a

::Red Section Of Text::

At the beginning of a post.

This is the best method I’ve found of accomplishing the following few goals:

  • Writing in such a manner that glorifies God and helps me stay sane
  • Not overloading you with a million words a day
  • Giving the blogverse a somewhat steady stream of ingestables and
  • Posting only what is beneficial – something that at times takes ….well, time to be sure of.

And that, peoplefriends, is why I don’t (usually) blog in real time.


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