a new “about me”

i really don’t feel like my “about me” works anymore. which, what does it say about me that i need a new description every-so-often?


i will not engage. I WILL JUMP OFF THIS TRAIN.


::ahem:: however (comma) the fact remains that i think my about page needs a re-do,

and i don’t want to do it.


who is that girl? exactly.

who is that girl? exactly. also webcam has tools i didn’t know about. just…wait for it.

i asked a few writers if any of them wanted to do it for me. one said, “I’m not smart enough to write your “about me” #incongruent” which, false, she’s brilliant, but i appreciated the hat tip for what i assume was vocabulary. plus #ilovecasualhashtags so, theryago.


another suggested, “maybe it should just read – I want to be cohesive” #hrm….. ::sigh::


and so, like most muse-y moments, I vacillate.


how many words, how many photos, how many details? How do you summarize what is difficult to describe? what is true and what do i want people to know. and…how good of a photo do i choose because….if i look to good then people will be disappointed if they see me IRL.

cause sometimes, i look like this (it's okay, the kid distracts with his cuteness. no really. cover him with your hand - see? totes different.)

cause sometimes, i look like this (it’s okay, the kid distracts with his cuteness. no really. cover him with your hand – see? totes different.)




anyone have any suggestions? or anyone want to contribute? maybe i’ll just make a compilation.

Because a) I am still dying from suffering from under the attack of  dealing with a serious case of the “who-am-i-as-a-writer”s, and because b) it’s a sweet story and because c) i think these pictures will make at least one person laugh, i shall post the following.

When my house was broken into a month ago, those dang meanies stole my guitar (the one that the Dancer gave me that was perfect and i loved so much), my necklaces (three hugely sentimental ones that I kept hanging in my room cause I wore one of them EVERY day), purses (didn’t care), a digital camera (uhm, same megapixels as my phone, so, whatev) , and, of all things, my PRESCRIPTION glasses and sunglasses. And I had JUST gotten three new pairs the day before! So all I was left with, specs wise, was my Lennon glasses. You can see them on display here.

Anyway, I love my Lennon glasses when i’m working out (they are light and don’t slide down my nose) or when I’m in the mood to be funky. But most of the time I’m not trying to make a statement with my eyewear, I just want to SEE (which is about to really make you laugh when you see my “not making a statement” glasses). So having these statement glasses on when I wasn’t intentionally making a statement just felt 31 flavors of wrong.


Belle’s parents, they love me. Part of me suspects it’s because it’s a little like loving Michelle, and I’m easier to access ;) But really, they are so caring and considerate and just plain good to me. And through their generosity, I was able to replace a purse, some hand towels (OH YEAH THOSE JERKS STOLE MY HANDTOWELS!) aaaaaand my glasses!

ANDPLUSALSOTOO, informationally,  ZENNIOPTICAL.COM is having a sale until the 14th – buy two, get one free. So I replaced all my glasses. For $75 total with shipping for four RX glasses and two RX sunnies. Boomtown, people.

So today, as the cherubim were singing, my glasses were delivered, and I put on one pair I have been itching to try.

I shall henceforth call them my ugly betty glasses. (I have a pair in pink that i call my Sally Jesse Rafael glasses.) I told the Social Worker (also my new roommate, as The Dancer moved on to greener, less-likely-to-be-robbed, more-approved-by-her-fiance pastures ;) that I feel so at home in these things.

TAA-DAA (i typed that in wall*e voice

because they are so big. like my face (it's not bad, i'm just saying. i have a big face)

and ridiculous. like my face. (this face is specifically for my belle, for her elephant sound. and for anyone who thinks i look like a "who", because i agree.)

I don’t think they’re too much. Do you? Surely not. They can be subtle. Look:

barely even noticeable, right? ;)

Okay, so maybe I had a little fun figuring out how to best showcase these beauts (cause when you get glasses after waiting for a few weeks and are relieved to have fashion options, it is sometimes reflected via your webcamphotolog.

OH LOOK! An orb! Is it going to eat me?

I set my mini to the side and took a photo on severe delay, to try and capture what i really look like in them when I am not posing. I look concerned, right? Nope. I'm actually just mouth-breathing. Allergies and Austin go together like Peas and carrots. especially cause NO ONE LIKES PEAS!

you think these are a joke? bet i won't wear these to choir. BET! (i may not, actually. would these distract you if they were up front?)

i think they blend in a little,

nicely highlight the angles of my... highlights.

okay. that’s enough for now. Next i should tell you about the geeetar. But I may not. We’ll have to see. ::maniacal laugh::

Explosions on the Counter

::just a little anachronistic, for funsies, post. because my belle brought strawberries and winter branch left me champy champs. and I’m packing. and listening to boyce avenue. and i got to fall in love with baby waverly tonite. le sigh::

sometimes when your roommate gets ready for a date, she explodes ALL OVER THE COUNTER

take it in, folks

and sometimes….

i swear this was not staged. reading glasses and a waterbottle? really?!

Sometimes, YOU are that roommate. Or….I am.

I’m so so sorry, Mel.

(I did clean up, by the way.)

why did i insist she be in the photo, while she was brushing her teeth? cause im eeeevil.

Catch All Truths (that won’t get their own posts)

#21 is true. you can see my little blurb here or check out another (IMHO better) one from a boss here. 

#19 was true, of course! i talked about it here! (And for a reason i will not explain, thank you very much, well probably i will but not right now, I no longer think I might have the gift.)

#15 and #16, related, were true as well.  Seriously other than tweeting funny quotes, I had zero desire to facebook or tweet. Not blogging was a relief (and I believe, more about God’s gift to me than my sacrifice for him. That happens a lot) and I did still WRITE some, even when I didn’t post.  The unexpected part was that I LOVE to waste time (I didn’t realize this) perusing craft blogs. I need to limit myself to only certain times of the day for all social media because MOST of it, for me, is just a coping mechanism or time waster. I’m working on it.

#11 – yes, this ACTUALLY happened. And it was beautiful and wonderful. I love love love my classes. and classmates. and their deceased cats. (and i dont even like cats!)

#4 You thought this was false? Y’all are you crazy?! BRUCE WILLIS (or every character he plays except that one Disney movie) IS ALL THAT IS MAN. I just recently watched R.E.D. and oh mercy. If twice-divorced-and-currently-married-Bruce Willis walked  up and was anything like the characters he plays and asked me to come be part of his harem of wives/ex-wives i would…..well probably hyperventilate and faint and then wake up and swoon and repeat the process…which would keep me from what I’d want to do…which is ignore all the other wives and say “YES TAKE ME NOW!” (And yes, I do think so well of the way this man portrays himself that I get the giggles when I watch his movies. And no, my car is not named after him.)

here are pictures just for funsies.

from this year's ashes

i should've changed the lighting

just for funsies

i miss my long flowy hair

y'all, i don't even know why this picture happened

or this one. i think i was noting proportions.

# 3 – True – I Got Handled

::This post was written about a month ago. So the fix lasted for a month!! But then, while i was buying $700 of toys for work, it broke again. Thank the sweet Lord that it happened BEFORE i loaded the car and could still climb in to open the door, rather than after, when I would have just been stuck. :) Anyway, so, #3 was true, and I still am in need of a new door handle::
Last week was one of those weeks. Lemme ‘splain, via pics:

that IS what you think it is

You may not have known this about me, but i RARELY wear anything but dresses and skirts. Just how i like it. So yes, this little how-do-ya-do meant that every time i had to get in my car, I was climbing in the back, reaching to open the front, slinging the door open, climbing back-and-out and then entering like “normal.” And hopefully not flashing anyone in the process.

But, remember la familia ? Yeah, the host of people I sorta-kinda thought I’d be one day? Well, i am one. Just…not the way I thought I’d be. Instead, in  a better way. A way that spends the day and cuts the brother’s hair and takes a nap when I get tired and a way that has Daddio and Brother bear fix my car door when the handle gets handled.

YAY!! Looks even better than new.

You can’t always get what you want. But I am a child of God, an unofficial member of la familia and honestly I ALWAYS get exactly what I need. (and most of the time it’s what I want. God’s just gracious like that.)

Twenty Truths and a Lie

Have you ever played that game “Two Truths and a Lie?”

It’s a getting-to-know-you game that you play with people who haven’t heard your life story. You tell them two true things and one false thing and they guess which one is the falsie. (Oh mercy. Augmentation jokes running through my head!) 

Well since I’ve been off-line for 6.5 weeks, I decided I will tell you all about my adventures – but first I’m going to make a list of them and one will be an adventure that I did not have (although maybe one I want to) and it’s up to you to figure out which one did NOT happen. Then, once you’ve guessed, I’ll go through telling, or at least summarizing, the stories.

Yes, I’m going to purposely tell the truth but kinda stretch it to be funny and challenging on this list. BECAUSE IT’S A FUN GAME, PEOPLE FRIENDS!  I’ll clarify upon elaborations. Ready?

1) I got arrested and became (or realized I was) an accused felon.

2) I tuned into a mermaid.

3) Bruce (my car) denied me access to himself. Twice.

4) Bruce (Willis) just made me fall more in twitterpation.

5) With much alacrity (almost not sarcasm) decided to start selling my body for money.

6) A surprise trip to San Antonio with a boy turned into pretty pretty baked goods for me and the squeezies.  A surprise trip to Dallas turned into an awful fight.

7) A planned trip to Tennessee showed me my sin and how much I need a travel buddy.

8) I finally, not of my own choice,  gave up my lovey. 25 years was all the life he had in him.

9)  After hearing mean awful things from a mouth pledged to protect, I saw myself the way God did.

10) I signed up for my first counseling conference. I’ll go w a woman called dust and a man named after a gun.

11) Oh and speaking of counseling,  last week in class, we had a memorial service for a cat. We all sat and mourned a cat we never met.

12) I finally started the process to get official on the dyslexia diagnosis.

13) coincidentally? I started going blind.

14) And deaf.

15)  Being away from posting social media was not hard.

16) Admitting that I metaphorically run to reading other’s social media posts was. So I started cutting myself off from google reader. Or, I thought about it at least.

17) Broke from lawyer fees and stressed for time, I decided to buy and re purpose patio furniture. #logic

18) Starting LTG with two amazing ladies showed me that I have THE best friends. But no best friend. It also made me realize that $50 is not always too much to spend on dinner.

19) I considered that I might have the gift. You know. THE gift. ;)

adorabuns. can't we all just get along?

20)I started, went through, and ended a relationship mostly kept from those around me.

21) I spent my favorite day of the year with a few thousand of my closest relatives.

And there you have it, peoplefriends. So what’s you’re best guess? Leave comments below and I’ll make cookies or something for the first person who correctly guesses.

OOPS!! Defining “it”



I realize now from a few comments that I wrote that last blog wrong.


I MEANT to communicate that I don’t think a subtle change in my appearance, (or a big one, really) should have such an effect on me.

That, just like those who have responded, I think the beauty I should concentrate on should be INNER beauty that shines forth the love of God in such a manner that others will be wooed to Him by His love.


So when I said, “I don’t like it”

I DID NOT MEAN THAT I DON’T LIKE MY HAIR, OR MY HAIRCUT (sorry, Laura. You’re the bomb.com!)

Instead, I meant “I don’t like the part of me that is defined by appearance. I would never be so unkind to another as I allow my thoughts of self to be. People are lovely because God loves them. And caring about things that don’t matter means limited capacity to care about things that do.”


That having been said…. i thought my hair looked pretty baller today. Then i rode up to the office with my windows down. So I look like a ragamuffin.

Whatever. Windows down in this weather is WAY more important than good hair!



i should refrain from using the word “it” without a clear thesis.
lesson learned.
for today.


and since i like to give you pictures, here are some hair accessories i made for Christmas




if you want one i'll make it for you!


and THIS is why i have a category called “hair”


I Am Not My Hair

What ever this post is about, it’s not that song by India Arie. Good song, though.

I got about a year’s worth of growth off my hair yesterday. I know, it was getting so long, and that was fun, but the ends were SCRAGGLY and it was at the point where all my hair would get tangled in the over processed white parts from the last time I got color put in.

smiles cant hide scraggles

Now, I LIKED that my hair was long. I liked the way i looked. And cutting so much off hurt. Because in some ways, I’ve become different than I was when I shaved my head in 2005 and then got a fauxhawk in 2008.  Now, hair that is still long but just not as extreme as it had been is so hard.

I suddenly felt unpretty.

And very plain.

I can’t properly explain it.

But i DONT like it. I DONT like being so attached to hair.  Caring so much about what I look like. Cause there is a limited amount of caring in the world and you spend too much of it on something that doesn’t matter, you’re asking for trouble.

Anyway, here is the AMAZING and wonderful haircut. And the silly but hopeful for refining me.

Train’s first Rodeo

Oops, i forgot to write a post today.


guess what I did this weekend? I went to the rodeo! The 6th annual Kerri(mrs)-Jess-Ritz (and now)-Jake(dr)-Hank Rodeo. We saw Train. Yes, Train. oh YOU KNOW who Train is.


or even


Yep. These guys. At the RODEO.


we expected them to play songs we like.

we did NOT expect them to win or hearts about a million times over. but they did. they were just so fun.

Here are a few pics from the night.


First of all, I woke up from a nap with my boots on and FANTASTIC hair.

Then the squeezy was my seat buddy on the way to the AT&T center.

I kept her entertained with bubbles that yes, i so happen to keep in my purse.

The original troupe - we saw Montgomery Gentry in 2006, and Train this year.

I asked Dr Zinsmeyer if his hair was like this all day. "Probably," he said,"I'm a dr, I do what I want." (he was joking)


I wish i’d snapped some more shots, I used to be much better when I still had the cord from my camera to my computer, but now that its so much effort to get the pics, i mostly just use my phone…which now takes (no exaggeration) at least 5 full seconds to “load” so….

yeah, i’m not taking as many photos.

but if i HAD taken more,

they would have included the Panda Cow. which i loved.