Twenty Truths and a Lie

Have you ever played that game “Two Truths and a Lie?”

It’s a getting-to-know-you game that you play with people who haven’t heard your life story. You tell them two true things and one false thing and they guess which one is the falsie. (Oh mercy. Augmentation jokes running through my head!) 

Well since I’ve been off-line for 6.5 weeks, I decided I will tell you all about my adventures – but first I’m going to make a list of them and one will be an adventure that I did not have (although maybe one I want to) and it’s up to you to figure out which one did NOT happen. Then, once you’ve guessed, I’ll go through telling, or at least summarizing, the stories.

Yes, I’m going to purposely tell the truth but kinda stretch it to be funny and challenging on this list. BECAUSE IT’S A FUN GAME, PEOPLE FRIENDS!  I’ll clarify upon elaborations. Ready?

1) I got arrested and became (or realized I was) an accused felon.

2) I tuned into a mermaid.

3) Bruce (my car) denied me access to himself. Twice.

4) Bruce (Willis) just made me fall more in twitterpation.

5) With much alacrity (almost not sarcasm) decided to start selling my body for money.

6) A surprise trip to San Antonio with a boy turned into pretty pretty baked goods for me and the squeezies.  A surprise trip to Dallas turned into an awful fight.

7) A planned trip to Tennessee showed me my sin and how much I need a travel buddy.

8) I finally, not of my own choice,  gave up my lovey. 25 years was all the life he had in him.

9)  After hearing mean awful things from a mouth pledged to protect, I saw myself the way God did.

10) I signed up for my first counseling conference. I’ll go w a woman called dust and a man named after a gun.

11) Oh and speaking of counseling,  last week in class, we had a memorial service for a cat. We all sat and mourned a cat we never met.

12) I finally started the process to get official on the dyslexia diagnosis.

13) coincidentally? I started going blind.

14) And deaf.

15)  Being away from posting social media was not hard.

16) Admitting that I metaphorically run to reading other’s social media posts was. So I started cutting myself off from google reader. Or, I thought about it at least.

17) Broke from lawyer fees and stressed for time, I decided to buy and re purpose patio furniture. #logic

18) Starting LTG with two amazing ladies showed me that I have THE best friends. But no best friend. It also made me realize that $50 is not always too much to spend on dinner.

19) I considered that I might have the gift. You know. THE gift. ;)

adorabuns. can't we all just get along?

20)I started, went through, and ended a relationship mostly kept from those around me.

21) I spent my favorite day of the year with a few thousand of my closest relatives.

And there you have it, peoplefriends. So what’s you’re best guess? Leave comments below and I’ll make cookies or something for the first person who correctly guesses.

What I Need

This was sort of a weird week, fundswise.

Let me back up.

I knew this semester I was going to need more money than last. I live on$750/month (pre tax) and I budget it. I didn’t budget in anything frivilous, so I use all my money each month. But I knew I’d need more. For a couple of reasons:

I knew I’d be driving more. A LOT more. Round Rock once more a week plus all the driving that comes with supporting a growing ministry.

Then gas prices happened.

And some of my supporters simply weren’t able to commit past Dec. (Thank you so much for any amount and any time you could do!) meaning that this semester was going to need more cash than last.


All of that came to a big head on Wednesday, when we had a support mtg. Now don’t freak out. For now (until april) I’m good. Good as in I wont take a pay cut. But still wont be making enough to cover new expenses.

And this month car insurance is due.

And by April I have to find a new phone plan.

And I’m taking a trip next week to Tennessee to see my dad (which no, i can’t afford, but if ever there was a sacrifice worthy of figuring things out or going in to debt, seeing my dad once a year is it).

So, as you can imagine, I was concerned. I thought of the different ways I could get this extra cash

1) cut out a lot of food. basically eat nutritional crud. cause crud is cheap.

2) donate plasma::shudder::

3)start babysitting again

4)find some other job

5)do more fundraising.


Options 1-4 all meant  one big thing: NOT TAKING CARE OF MYSELF.

I can honestly and openly say that I’ve budgeted my money and my time prayerfully and well. That I am not wasteful with either of them. So to take any of the measures listed from 1-4 would mean running myself down. Not being able to work well, study well, and care for myself. I don’t want to make a decision that means not caring for myself. That’s not noble, it’s disrespectful to and dismissive of the one beloved by my God.

So i considered fundraising again. Passively. As a thing I’d do when I got desperate cause it’s not exciting to me and I’m busy and I am a  complain-y turd some times.

All of this in the past week.



Saturday a dad from KidStuff meets with a friend and me because God has moved his heart to start supporting us. He looks at me and says,”What you do is valuable and God is moving through it. I love the honesty in your blogs and that’s good too. But you have to tell people what you need. You have to tell them.”

okay. i get the hint. the over-my-head-with-a-2X4 hint.

Then yesterday at work, I get an email from the online donation site telling me a couple from church has decided (without even talking to me) to give me a one-time gift of $250.


Later in the day, feeling rather encouraged and like God is telling me to get off my tail and do the dang thing, I see the ONE PERSON I’ve been thinking promised to support but never did. And by i see I mean he texted/called/searched me out cause he was at the Stone and wanted to see me. “How are ya, darlin’?” “I’m good but i need you to support me cause you said you would and never did!” “Well, send me the link. Done.”

wow. just wow. Okay. I get it. I need to let people know what I need. I need to take care of myself. I need, based on the over shoot of taxes and admin, to raise another $250/month.


So can you help me do that? Can you help me quickly bring in another $250/month?


If you haven’t already supported me, ANY AMOUNT of monthly donations from here-August would be SO appreciated. Seriously. 25 @ $10 a pop and I’m set.

If you already do, but are interested in supporting me more, that’s great too!!

And if you are one of those creative supporters who can’t contribute money but can look around for things, i need: size 10 curvy jeans, food, COFFEE, gas cards.

I don’t need: much of anything else really. I’ve scoured my expenses and I spend on: food, gas, giving, and a  bit of entertainment/art supplies. That’s it! I’m easy!


okay. that didn’t kill me. I can tell people what I need.

The other day one of or kids at the 7:00 was NOT all about being in the classroom. We had plenty of staff, so I walked around with her. I asked her questions and we talked. I’m not sure of everything she said, but I do know this: she liked men with beards (le sigh, no wonder we got along) and her favorite color is “shoes.”



Her favorite color is “shoes.”



now, since it’s tuesday and tuesday is the day we go visit your moth….I  mean tuesday is support blog day, please go read this.

The Run Down is a Beat Down

THE hardest posts for me to write are the Wednesday run downs. Because it’s just hard to sum up all the things that happen in a week. Here are some pictures of what I’ve been doing.

We were studying together. ;) I watch a lot of kids.

Somehow finding time to hang with friends. Usually a lot of them at once.

Childcare all the time! We've even started worship!

When i can upload more from my camera (these are all from my phone) you'll understand what's going on here.

Birthday present from Daddy- new wheels and tires!

I've been having a lot of nightmares. That's what's up with the bed-a-shambles.

Scholastically: still not putting in as much effort as i’d like, but getting better. I’m very grateful for the little assignments often given me- they force me to make sure I’m doing work for the classes, and right now, I need that. I’m learning a lot and sometimes it’s too much for my little brain, and heart, but…

Support: I’m now half way to my fundraising goal- which means enough is coming in for me to cut back on all these outside jobs and have more of me to give to school and…

Service: Work at the Stone is great. There is always so much going on, and I’m very much seeing how God has grown me to be a self-directed worker. I’m tackling new stuff all the time and He’s giving me the wisdom and strength to do it well – and the insight to know it’s only by His grace. Which leaves…

Social: I’m trying to limit my getting-together-with people to just once a week. I’m failing miserably but I am doing better than before. It’s hard because I’m also trying to keep in touch with all my supporters/ let people know that the cards they got from me this summer are now incorrect. It’s a lot of phone calls to make. Also, C, the “i-thought-love-of-my-life” finally moved. I know, I haven’t told you anything about that but suffice it to say that I will one day and when I do it will make more sense but for now: I’m just having a lot of nightmares about loosing people I love, probably because somewhere in my heart/brain I’m registering that he’s actually GONE now. Though I’m well on the road to healing, there’s still some junk there.

Not that that’s going to keep me from sleeping at his house (where he moved from on MONDAY, where his mom, dad, and six siblings all still live) on Thursday because my relationship with the other family members is as good as my relationship with him is non-existent. Read: extremely.

Also, I’m trying to learn how to play guitar.

I'm concentrating inordinately much for a simple strum exercise.

Oh and yeah, I know, I owe you those posts I talked about last week. But you’re not doing a very good job of keeping me accountable. ;) What do you want to read about?


There is a line in To Wong Foo, Thanks, Julie Newmar where Chi-Chi says, “I wanna see the place where Miss Vita was burfed!” Since I saw it, I’ve usually said “burf” instead of birth when referring to days of out-of-the-womb-life-beginning.

Based on track record, an enormous amount of people are going to wish me happy birthday. It’s just what happens because I AM LOVED. (can’t help it, it’s in the name, peoplefriends)

Anticipating this, I’d like to give you a few recent photos.

on it's own, my computer named this "007"

one day i experimented with smokey eyes. You know what's NOT alluring? getting glitter in your eye and walking around with it scrunched up all night.

snapped this on my own. was SUPPOSED to show that the kid will just start gnawing on you, given the chance. Looks a little like I'm holding him hostage. Sowwy Emmy.

don't be fooled by his aloof act. he loves me.

Now, there is no theme or direction to these photos, it’s just friday and I know you like pictures.

BUT IT IS MY BIRTHDAY!! And I’m not going to write the “25 things I want to do while I’m 25” post that would be a great idea for goal setting and probably be entertaining to read. Instead I’m going to tell you what I want for my birthday and direct you here.

Yep. I'm resorting to giving you PUPPYDOG EYES.

Because if even one half of the people who usually read this blog gave me just $10/ month, i would be DONE fundraising and be able to quit the side jobs that are keeping me from sleeping/sanity. Don’t feel bound to that small a number, though. ;)

So do a girl some good and guarantee yourself some more interesting stuff to read. For my birthday: go donate. Thanks.

Oh yeah and remind me to blog about my first kiss, why i have nothing to offer, the powers of yes, and being a pretty pretty princess. Trust me, you want to read those.